3 Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse You Should Never Ignore

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Drug and alcohol abuse may be discovered by paying attention to the telltale signs. Learn three major signs of drug and alcohol abuse you should never ignore.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Sign #1: Frequently Missing School and/or Work or Otherwise Failing to Fulfill Responsibilities.

It’s time to pay close attention if your child or student has suddenly begun to miss classes or miss days on the job frequently. While not every case of poor attendance comes hand in hand with drug and alcohol abuse, it is a common reason when it comes to young adults. You may especially want to be concerned if he or she was once so passionate about going to school and/or work and now they are missing so many days they risk losing their job or failing classes. Other responsibilities will also likely be neglected as well if drug and alcohol abuse is the culprit.

There are a number of reasons why people involved with drug and alcohol abuse would miss days of attendance including avoiding showing up to work or school while under the influence, taking the time away from work or school to try to recover from the effects of using substances (such as a hangover) or simply lacking interest in going to work or school as they would prefer to use substances.

 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Sign #2: Poor Performance in School or on the Job.

Drug and alcohol abuse affects users physically and mentally leading to such side effects as difficulty concentrating, memory problems, problems focusing and others. A person who is abusing substances will likely see a change in their grades in school or in their performance level at work.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Sign #3: Lacking Interest in Activities Once Loved or Close Friends.

We all have our interests that mean so much to us. Talk to your child or student if they have begun to ignore their closest friends or if they have suddenly expressed a lack of interest in activities they once loved. It takes a lot for a person to stop being passionate about their interests in a short period of time but drug and alcohol abuse is a quick road to not caring about favorite activities – particularly healthy activities such as sports, volunteering or even working out regularly. If they have suddenly dropped their closest friends without explanation it could be that their friends will not accept their substance abuse. They may have decided to avoid them altogether to spend time with friends who are abusing substances.