Substance Abuse Tips for Greek Life

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Substance abuse tips are important for clients of substance abuse and addiction recovery as well as for everyone else to be aware of where lines get crossed and drinking habits cross into substance abuse. Greek life social events can be notorious for heavy drinking, binge drinking, drug use and other dangerous activities. Read these substance abuse tips to learn how you can work to navigate away from the perils of substance abuse and addiction.

Substance Abuse Tips: Avoid Parties Involving Known Drug Use or Alcohol Abuse.

If it is possible to stay involved with your fraternity or sorority while avoiding the wildest parties they host, it is best advised to do so. Going to wild events notorious for drug and alcohol abuse only makes it a matter of when you will be offered or even pressured to do so as well.

Substance Abuse Tips: Keep Your Priorities in Line.

Greek life can be incredibly rewarding and fun but your top priority at your college or university is to learn and grow as a young adult and to advance your education for a higher level of ideas and improved odds for success in the business world and/or job market. Getting caught up in substance abuse can destroy your grades, your health, your relationships, your chances for getting hired and more.

Substance Abuse Tips: Focus on Health and Wellness.

A healthy lifestyle is not a very welcoming environment to substance abuse and addiction. Take care of yourself as a measure for avoiding unhealthy and dangerous life habits and also as a way to manage stress, improved your self-esteem and self-confidence, improve your mental and physical health and more.

Substance Abuse Tips: Learn More about the Signs of Substance Abuse.

Do you know what substance abuse really is? Learn some of the signs pointing to substance abuse so you can make a good self-assessment to see if you have been drinking appropriately.

  • Drinking has negatively impacted your life in some way
  • Binge drinking
  • Experiencing blackouts from drinking
  • Neglecting or avoiding responsibilities due to alcohol or drugs

Substance Abuse Tips: Avoid Substance Abuse as an Addiction Prevention Measure.

Substance abuse can easily lead you down the path to substance addiction so keep up healthy habits when it comes to your alcohol consumption. Don’t drink to keep up with others, stay away from binge drinking, drinking games and other abusive drinking habits.