Drug Abuse in Teens: What Parents Need To Know

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Drug abuse in teens is an unfortunate reality for many young adults. Learn how to teach your child to stay away from drugs, learn the potential signs of drug abuse in teens and learn how to provide your child with help for drug abuse or addiction.

Drug Abuse in Teens: It’s More Common than You Think

While you may like to think that it’s rare for teens to abuse drugs, the truth is that it happens much more often than you may think. Education, prevention strategies and learning to look for the signs of potential drug abuse are great tools for trying to keep your child safe from drug abuse in teens.

Though it is likely that your child receives some sort of drug education in school, teach your child about the dangers of drugs on your own time as well. Start an open conversation discussing why drug abuse is such a problem as well as the dangers it presents. Teens face plenty of peer pressure at school so maybe the best drug prevention skill you can offer your child is learning how to say no. Speak with your child about effective ways to turn down offers for drugs and other ways to face peer pressure successfully. Let them know that anyone expecting them to use substances is not a real friend and not someone with their best intentions in mind.

Signs Pointing to Potential Drug Abuse

Drug abuse in teens may be spotted by paying attention for the signs. Here are some common signs pointing to teen drug abuse.

  • Staying home from school or work frequently
  • Skipping classes or skipping school with friends
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Sleeping very little or sleeping excessively
  • Lying or engaging in secrecy
  • Letting go of favorite hobbies and activities or even good friends
  • Spending excessive amounts of money without explanation
  • Getting in trouble at school or with the law
  • Performing poorly in school

Drug Abuse and Addiction Treatment Options

The good news is that drug abuse in teens may be treated via a substance abuse and addiction program. If your teen is abusing drugs, seek help from a professional treatment facility offering tried-and-true treatment methods of care. It’s important to seek treatment for your child as soon as possible to keep them away from the dangers of drug use as well as to prevent addiction.