Alcohol Abuse in Teens – Is It Possible?

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Alcohol abuse in teens is a possibility. Alcohol abuse is unfortunately not just a problem reserved for adults.

Alcohol Abuse in Teens is a Reality

There is a common misconception that teenagers are simply too young to suffer from addiction. The truth is that teens can suffer from alcohol abuse and even alcoholism. Addiction does not discriminate based on socio-economic background, gender, nationality or any other factors – including age.

Alcohol abuse in teens does occur and it happens more often than you may think. There are different reasons why teens may abuse alcohol and peer pressure is often at play when it comes to getting involved with such unhealthy and dangerous habits.

Preventing Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Here are some of the ways you can try to prevent teen alcohol abuse.

  • Speak to your teen about the dangers and reality of alcohol abuse in an open and honest conversation.
  • Teach your teen to be an independent thinker and a leader. Followers and people who rely on group decisions and group thinking are quick and easy prey to peer pressure.
  • Look for the signs of alcohol abuse in teens for early detection.

Learning the Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Teens

Do you know what the signs of alcohol abuse are? Read some of the potential signs of alcohol abuse so you can reach out and help your teen as soon as possible.

  • Missing school or work frequently
  • Letting go of responsibilities
  • Neglecting personal hygiene or grooming habits
  • Engaging in high risk behavior
  • Losing interest in activities once loved or good friends
  • Lying or secretiveness
  • Physical symptoms such as bloodshot eyes, appearing to be experiencing a hangover, extreme lethargy and others

Alcohol Abuse in Teens: Getting Help

If your child or student is abusing alcohol, stay calm and realize there are incredibly effective alcohol abuse and addiction treatment options available. Your teen may go to an alcohol abuse and addiction center especially for teens and young adults to receive personal and specialized care appropriate for clients of such an age group. The main treatment method for alcohol abuse in teens is psychotherapy. It helps teens to uncover their personal, underlying reasons for abusing alcohol through psychotherapy sessions including individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Other tried-and-true treatment methods include such efforts as lifestyle counseling, stress management courses and relapse prevention strategies.