3 Ways to Celebrate Recovery Month from Substance Abuse

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Substance abuse and addiction recovery must be worked on continuously in order for success to be maintained. In celebration of the month of September as Recovery Month, here are three ways you can celebrate recovery from substance abuse.

Get Involved with Recovery Month Events and Causes.

There are various Recovery Month events and activities taking place across the country for the month of September. Find out what is happening near you and get involved. Celebrate the 25th year of Recovery Month at a Recovery Walk, an informational lecture, a Recovery Month non-profit fundraiser or others. Keep in mind that you may also help by donating to Recovery Month causes online or by postal mail if you won’t be able to attend in person.

You may even host your own Recovery Month event for you and your substance abuse recovery peers at a venue such as your local support group chapter, amongst your personal friends and contacts in a private setting, or even at your local university. Spread the knowledge that the recovery process is a difficult yet rewarding journey to enter. Hope is possible for clients to lead healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives in recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

Plan for the Future.

Think of how far you have come since you entered the substance abuse recovery process. What are the highlights of your personal achievements and successes? They can be anything from improved relationships with your loved ones to improved physical health. Think about what goals you have for the future. How will you work to achieve them? How will being in recovery help you reach these goals?

Planning for the future also means taking the measures necessary for recovery success. When was the last time you updated your relapse prevention strategies? Take the time to update them today so you can have clear and specific plans of action in place to avoid harmful triggers and enjoy continued recovery success. Remember that it’s recommended to use your relapse prevention strategies each day.

Become a Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Sponsor.

Have you been in substance abuse recovery for some time? Are you passionate about helping others to escape the perils of substance abuse and addiction? Consider becoming a substance abuse recovery sponsor in honor of Recovery Month. Reach out to your recovery peers at one of your support group meetings or get in touch with your local rehabilitation center to express interest in sponsoring a client through his or her recovery.