Recovering from Prescription Drug Abuse: 10 Ways to Support Your Teen

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Prescription drug abuse recovery is a difficult yet certainly worthwhile process. Here are ten ways to support your teen as he or she works to overcome this dangerous habit.

#1. Get Involved with Prescription Drug Abuse Family Therapy.

Support your teen by actively participating in your family therapy psychotherapy sessions together. It’s important to help support his or her recovery as well as to create healthy family dynamics in the home.

#2. Attend Family Support Meetings.

There are support group meetings that gather the families and other loved ones of clients in recovery from prescription drug abuse. You can meet others with similar stories and experiences to yours while giving and receiving tremendous support.

#3. Spend Quality Time Together.

Show your support by sharing your time.

#4. Manage Stress in the Home.

Stress is a major trigger for prescription drug abuse. Try to create a home environment that has as little possibility for stress as possible. This can mean anything from not inviting over stressful house guests to keeping music or television volume down when they need to study.

#5. Embrace Healthy Nutrition.

A healthy and balanced nutrition supports good physical and mental health. It can even help with managing stress levels. A healthy lifestyle is also a great environment for recovered living as it does everything from promoting taking care of yourself to improving self-esteem.

#6. Go to Meetings with Your Teen.

You can also attend your teen’s support group meetings as a strong sign of support.

#7. Discuss Relapse Prevention Strategies Together.

Relapse prevention strategies are specific strategies outlined by your teen to avoid harmful triggers for prescription drug abuse. Triggers can include stress, boredom, friends they abused drugs with together, places they went to abuse drugs and so many others. Review the strategies together so you can help your teen stay away from a destructive path.

#8. Promote Exercise, Yoga and Meditation.

Exercise, yoga and meditation are just a few great ways your teen can manage stress, fight off boredom and improve mental and physical health.

#9. Help Your Teen Discover New, Healthy Activities for Fun.                       

As previously mentioned, boredom is a major trigger for prescription drug abuse. Introduce your teen to new ways to spend their free time that promote healthy and positive mindsets. It can be such ideas as joining team sports, taking Pilates classes, enrolling in art classes or even learning to sail.

#10. Show You Are a Strong Source of Support.

Maybe your teen doesn’t know how much you are there for him or her. Simply open up and explain that you are there and you want to be supportive.