Drug Abuse Prevention Strategies for a New School Year

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Drug abuse prevention strategies are important to keep teens safely away from the perils of drug abuse and addiction. These strategies can be useful for effectively avoiding drug use during the new school year.

Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy #1: Mind the Company You Keep.

Choosing the drug using, class skipping crowd as your friends in school makes it likely to be only a matter of time before you will join their drug use. Find friends who have similar interests to you who also don’t want anything to do with drugs.

Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy #2: Get Active.

Boredom can easily lead to the path of drug abuse. Become an active participant at your school and in your community. You can join extracurricular activities, volunteer, get a part-time job… there are so many interesting ways to fill your time productively. Peer pressure for drugs and other issues have much less of an effect on teens who feel confident with what they have going on in their lives.

Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy #3: Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle.

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle is not the ideal environment for drug abuse? A healthy lifestyle is so important in the fight against drugs that clients of rehabilitation centers are guided to shape their lifestyles to focus on health in order to stay successful in recovery. A healthy lifestyle in high school means getting enough hours of sleep, exercising, eating well and learning how to manage and minimize stress. Living healthfully should be fun. Just think about your favorite activities and how they can improve the quality of your life such as getting involved with team sports, joining a yoga class, learning how to meditate, learning how to cook healthy meals, et al.

Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy #4: Consider the Future.

High school is preparation time for college which is preparation time for the rest of your life. You hear this time and time again in school to be sure but it’s because it is the truth. If you want to get into a good school or get on the path towards any other after high school goals, you will need to have a clear head, good health and a clean record. Getting caught using drugs can affect everything from your ability to be hired for a part-time job to missing out on student loans.

Drug Abuse Prevention Strategy #5: Feel Confident.

Work on having the confidence to simply say “no” without explanation upon the offer of drugs.