Substance Abuse Tips for Going Back to School

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Substance abuse tips can help you stay safely away from drugs. Prepare for the back-to-school season with these tips on how to say no to drugs.

Just Say “No”.

There are many substance abuse tips for ways to say no to drugs but the simplest is really just to say “no”. If you say you don’t want to use drugs, it should be the final answer and the end of the conversation.

Tell the Truth.

Substance abuse tips point to honesty as the most effective strategy for saying no. Don’t make up an excuse for turning down the drugs if someone questions your response. Be firm in turning down the drugs and let them know that you have no interest or desire in getting involved with drugs – end of story.

Refer to Sports or Academics.

Tell your friends that you will never do drugs because you won’t risk not being able to perform to the max in your classes or risk not being able to play sports as good as you work so hard to do. Substance abuse tips show that turning down an offer for drugs with a clear and specific response can be very effective. You may also mention random drug tests for student athletes to quickly put an end to the discussion.

Refer to Your Health.

Let the person offering drugs know that there is no way that you would risk your health and you’re simply not interested at all.

Be Confident.

When you say “no” to drugs, be firm and confident. Don’t look confused or hesitate. Substance abuse tips show that a confident response is less likely to be followed by peer pressure or another offer for drugs.

Help a Friend.

If the person offering you a drug is a close friend, you can speak more about the dangers of drugs. Your friend may be using drugs and ignoring others’ warnings but sometimes it just takes a few serious words of concern from a truly close friend to open up someone’s eyes to the truth.

Substance Abuse Tips for Prevention

In addition to learning how to say no, be careful where you go and who you spend your time with. The best way to avoid drugs is to minimize the chances that you’ll ever be in the kind of circumstances where you can be faced with an offer. This means carefully picking and choosing what kind of parties you attend, staying away from schoolmates involved with drugs, avoiding spending time with college students known for throwing wild parties, avoiding skipping class or playing hooky with friends, et al.