Tips on Prescription Drug Abuse for National Safety Month

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Prescription drug abuse is harmful for both the mental and physical health and may even be fatal. In honor of National Safety Month, we’ve put together some safety tips to help you and your family learn how to keep prescription drugs safe and secure to limit the possibility of prescription drug abuse.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic in the country but we can all do our part to help fight against it. If you have been prescribed medications, please use the tips below to help minimize the risk of prescription drug abuse. Let’s all do what we can to promote safety and good health this National Safety Month and beyond!

Safety Tip: Store Medication Out of Reach of Children.

Prescription medication (along with over-the-counter medication) is advised to be stored in places that are inaccessible to children. This includes high shelves, high cabinets and other such storage places to prevent the possibility of accidental ingestion. Medications are also best advised to be stored in childproof containers.

Safety Tip: Lock Away Prescription Medication

While high places are enough to keep prescription medication away from small children, it’s not enough for older children, teens or even adults. Locking away your prescription medication is the best method to prevent prescription drug abuse in your home. Hide the key in a secret location or keep the combination to yourself.

Safety Tip: Keep Records.

Make it a habit to keep track of how much medication you have consumed and how much you were prescribed to prevent prescription drug abuse. You should be able to notice immediately if someone has used anything that was prescribed to you.

Safety Tip: Never Share Medication.

Your medication was prescribed specifically to you by your physician. It is never okay to share your medication with others. Even if you know someone who you know has prescribed the same medication for a similar health problem, it is still not okay to share. That person must see their own physician for their own medication. It is illegal to share these substances as well as medically unadvisable. Help prevent prescription drug abuse.

Safety Tip: Don’t Advertise Your Prescription Medications.

Prescription medications such as painkillers and anti-anxiety medications can be popular on the illegal prescription drug black market. Only let your most trusted loved ones know that you have been prescribed medication. Avoid discussing them in public or around people who you don’t know well as theft and break-ins for such substances are a possibility for those who seek prescription drug abuse or those who seek to sell the substances to others. It’s always better to conduct yourself in a manner that puts safety first.

Safety Tip: Dispose of Unused Medication Properly.

It sounds silly, but make sure you dispose of prescription drugs in a responsible way.  Return unused medication to your pharmacy for proper disposal or wait for a community prescription drug disposal safety day.  Many communities have created these disposal days as a way to combat prescription drug abuse.