Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tips for College Students

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Alcohol abuse prevention is so important for young college students to adopt. Unfortunately college has become to mean many things outside of the curriculum, recreational activities, organizations and team sports. The college culture has developed many disturbing trends towards the excessive consumption of alcohol and other manners of substance abuse. These alcohol abuse prevention tips can help college students lead healthful, successful lives on and off campus.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tip: Do Not Succumb to Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure continues after high school into the college years. This is the time to really take a stand for your personal views and responsibilities. When faced with peer pressure, make it clear that you don’t feel the need to prove yourself to anyone. You know how to have a good time without taking risks of jeopardizing your health or school performance.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tip: Avoid Known Wild Parties and Circles of People.

There always seems to be party options available during the college years. Going to social events is certainly okay but be mindful of which parties you select and which groups of people you decide to spend time with. If you’ve heard that the parties of a certain individual or even of a certain sorority or fraternity get wild, it’s better to avoid those events entirely rather than knowingly put yourself in a situation that may influence you to join others in alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tip: Focus on the Future.

Remember the reasons why you decided to go to college. What are your goals? What do you intend to accomplish? Don’t let temporary events and actions make permanent negative effects on your future. It’s a sign of maturity to be able to focus on your real priorities.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tip: Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle.

Living well through a proper diet, regular exercise and a focus on health and wellness will greatly reduce the chances that you would like to abuse alcohol. When you take great care of yourself and want to continue to feel great, you will not want to risk the health consequences of abusing substances.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tip: Do Not Make College An Excuse For Drinking.

It is all too common that college students and parents alike dismiss heavy drinking in college as normal or as a rite of passage of sorts. The truth is alcohol abuse is never okay and it can be harmful in a myriad of ways – even life threatening in some circumstances. Know the reality and refuse to live by this harmful myth.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Tip: Try New Hobbies and Activities.

College is a great time to meet new people and try new activities.  Make a variety of new friends by trying out for intermural sports, participating in different clubs and trying new hobbies.  Having a wide group of friends will give you other social options besides drinking on a Saturday night.  College is a great time to find new ways to express yourself.