Drug Abuse in Teens – How to Talk to Your Teen

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Drug abuse in teens is a very real and dangerous problem. Use these tips to speak to your teen about the dangers of drug abuse and how to say no to drugs.

Go Beyond Saying ‘Drugs Are Bad’.

Speak to your teen as you would to an adult. Be honest and offer up detailed facts as to why drug abuse in teens is so dangerous and why you don’t want to see them having to suffer the consequences of such actions. Clearly explain the consequences of drug abuse such as potential health problems (both temporary and permanent), problems focusing in school, difficulties to perform sports well, psychological repercussions, legal problems and even the risk of loss of life.

Encourage Your Teen to Be in Control.

Let your son or daughter realize that it’s a wonderful thing to be in control of their actions. Another reason drug abuse in teens is dangerous is the risk for engaging in behaviors and actions that they would never have involved themselves with otherwise. The risk for risky behavior can put teens at risk for legal problems or jeopardize their health and safety. Encourage your teen to be a strong individual. Encourage leadership qualities. Discourage your child from following the crowd or succumbing to peer pressure.

Speak about Your Teenage Years.

A common reaction of a teen is to ask their parents about their experiences with substances when they were young. Tell the truth. If you have used substances in the past, don’t go into details. Just tell your child that you had firsthand experience and so you personally know just how dangerous drug abuse in teens is and you would love to protect them from having to learn about it the hard way.

Teach Your Child How to Say No to Drug Abuse in Teens.

Handling peer pressure can be tricky for teens in this time of their lives where a lot of emphasis is put on fitting in or looking cool. Offer your teen this great ways to turn down drugs.

  • Just say no in a firm and confident manner. This method of saying no tells others that your teen doesn’t feel the need to explain why they won’t use drugs and that it isn’t up for discussion.
  • Your teen can tell his or her friends that they don’t need drugs to feel cool.
  • Your teen can say that drugs just really aren’t worth the trouble.