5 Tips on Beating Alcoholism in Your Family

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Alcoholism has a genetic correlation but having alcoholism in your family does not mean you will be an alcoholic. There are behaviors and lifestyle factors you can adapt to safeguard yourself from succumbing to alcohol abuse and addiction.

1. Overcoming Alcoholism in the Family: Avoid Alcohol and Drugs.

Because alcoholism does in fact exist in your family, keep in mind that you are at an increased risk for developing a problem with alcohol. The most effective way to avoid alcoholism is to simply avoid alcohol and other substances entirely. If you decide to consume alcohol, there is a chance that your relationship with the substance can change. You may find yourself beginning to abuse alcohol. Abstaining from consuming alcohol entirely is the easiest way to avoid alcoholism.

2. Overcoming Alcoholism in the Family: Don’t Drink to Self-Medicate.

Avoid drinking alcohol as a way to self-medicate. Don’t reach out to alcohol as a way to make yourself feel better after a rough day, as a way to escape from your troubles, as a way to feel social and confident… Using alcohol as a medication is a quick way to become dependent.

3. Overcoming Alcoholism in the Family: Don’t Keep Alcohol in the Home.

Keeping alcohol in the home greatly increases the likelihood of regularly drinking at home. Make your home an alcohol-free zone to greatly lessen the temptation to drink and establish the habit of not drinking.

4. Overcoming Alcoholism in the Family: Learn the Signs of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction.

Do you know the signs of alcohol abuse and addiction? It’s so important for you to be aware of these danger signs so you can be aware of your actions and behaviors. Teach these signs to your closest loved ones as well so they may bring any risky behavior to your attention.

5. Overcoming Alcoholism in the Family: Get Professional Help.

Have you found that you are abusing alcohol? Get help for your alcohol abuse as soon as possible as it is a quick and slippery slope down the road to alcoholism! Alcohol treatment programs are not just for treating alcoholism, clients suffering from alcohol abuse may also benefit from these effective programs and treatment methods.

Even if your parents are alcoholics, you don’t have to suffer the same fate. Utilize these tips to stay in charge of your destiny and to stay aware of the dangers and temptations of alcohol abuse and addiction.