Drug Addiction Treatment and Celebrities

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Drug addiction treatment is rife with misconceptions, and part of that could be attributed to the media attention given to celebrities in rehab. It’s hardly news these days when a celebrity enters rehab, no matter who they are. Sadly, it’s almost a given. Even more worryingly, it’s normal for these stints in rehab to last for a short period of time. When the celebrity relapses, it’s often chalked up to the pressures of fame, or sometimes even said that drug addiction treatment ‘doesn’t work.’ What’s really going on here?

Making Drug Addiction Treatment Work

The tragic death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been in the news recently as another example of a celebrity whose life was cut short by drug addiction. Hoffman reportedly completed a rehab program in his youth and remained sober for over 20 years before relapsing in 2013. He openly admitted checking himself into a 10-day intensive detoxification program after the relapse. After those 10 days, he went straight back to work. Last week, he was found dead after an apparent heroin overdose.

Singer Selena Gomez issued a statement that she completed a stay in a drug addiction treatment facility during January, though claimed that it was unrelated to substance abuse. She spent two weeks in treatment, and anonymous sources claim that in the time leading up to her stay in rehab, she was living a hard-partying lifestyle that was wearing her down.

In both of these cases, we applaud the celebrities for seeking rehab and for talking openly about it. This makes for a change from the days when drug addiction treatment was hush-hush and denied. However, although it’s wonderful to see people in the public eye seeking help, we do need to pay closer attention at how much commitment they appear to be giving to their recovery.

Put simply, 10 days and two weeks are not long enough when it comes to rehab. Substance abuse and addiction are serious problems, and they require a serious solution. That means giving yourself 100 percent to your recovery. In many cases, that includes a 30-, 60-, or 90-day stay in rehab, longer if necessary. While individual circumstances will dictate how long someone needs to spend in drug addiction treatment, it does need to be a substantial amount of time. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and rehab is not a quick fix.

Rehab provides you with a safe, comfortable, professional environment where you can start to face your addiction and learn how to manage it while staying sober. Celebrities who hope to recover in a short period of time so they can return to work before their star falls from the sky could be doing themselves a disservice in the long term. Even if it may damage a career to take a long period of time off for rehab, it could give you back your life. Making your health and your recovery a priority is a key factor in making drug addiction treatment work for you. If you give it your all, you have the best chance of achieving lasting recovery – whether or not you’re a celebrity.