Five Keys for Selecting a Drug Abuse Rehab Facility

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Drug abuse rehab can be an effective way to get treatment for substance abuse. When you’re looking into different types of addiction treatment facilities, you want to find the right fit for you. There are many different methods and kinds of facilities, so finding the best one can be overwhelming. Here are five keys to selecting the best rehab facility.

Finding a Drug Abuse Rehab Center That is Right for You

1. Credentials and Success Rate

Check accreditation and licensing for any drug abuse rehab center you are considering. Make sure that the program has been accredited by the state, and that the professionals at the facility are licensed and well trained. Rehab involves a lot of personalized treatment and working closely with the patients, so you want to be sure that the workers are qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions about the facility’s background or success rate.

2. Program Length

Your best option for treatment will depend on your personal situation and the degree of your addiction. People who have been struggling for longer and have stronger addictions might need to be in a program that is stricter and lasts longer so as to ensure successful recovery. Research the programs offered by each facility and what kind of program is needed for your particular addiction. Again, ask questions about how the drug abuse rehab facility develops programs and determines the appropriate length of time for each individual.

3. Family Involvement

Some drug abuse rehab programs are exclusive and do not allow contact with family or personal physicians. Others see the need for the client’s supporters in their lives. Treatment can be easier and more successful for you when you have the support of loved ones, and that includes the option for family therapy. Your family may want to help you but not know where to start; family therapy can be beneficial for all of you.
4. Personal Care and Attention

A good drug abuse rehab facility acknowledges that no individual is just like another, and tailors each treatment plan to the needs of the client. Working with flexibility and changing methods according to the patient are important characteristics in a rehab. Find out how much one-on-one care you will receive, and whether or not that can be adjusted according to your evolving needs.

5. Aftercare

As with any kind of substance abuse, relapse is possible, even after therapy. Look for a drug abuse rehab facility that offer an aftercare program, a way to prevent relapses and follow-up with you once you complete the program. Finding a facility that has a good aftercare program and continuing care services can be very important. Transitioning from treatment to a real-world setting can bring many new challenges, and aftercare can help you deal with those while employing relapse prevention techniques.

There are many places out there that have qualified and caring professionals ready to help those suffering from drug abuse. The right kind of treatment and therapy can be extremely healing, and finding the right drug abuse rehab can really make the difference in your life.