Five Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse You Should Never Ignore

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The signs of drug and alcohol abuse are obvious to some and not to others. Alcohol and drug addiction, like many other things, start off slowly and gradually build up.

Know the Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

1. Be aware

There is not a certain event or day that pinpoints the change from being in control to being addicted. Because addictions are psychological and physical alterations in your body, you seldom really see an addiction coming until it is too late. There are signs of drug and alcohol abuse along the way that should be acknowledged. By noticing these signs, you may be able to address an addiction in time to help save someone from major trouble, expense or even worse. Know the signs of drug and alcohol abuse so that you can proactively help your loved ones or yourself.

2. Waking Up Thinking About Drugs or Alcohol

This might be something you notice first when an addiction begins to progress and should be a red flag sign of drug and alcohol abuse. The first thing you think about when getting out of bed are drugs or a drink. You might be wondering how much you have left, where to get more or who can get these substances for you. In many cases, a person with an addiction has thoughts like:

“Gee, how much did I end up drinking last night?”
“How did I get home?”

If you or someone you love wakes up thinking this way, it could be a sign that there is a true problem.

3. Friends Try to Help You

Another sign that indicates a problem is when your own friends tell you that they feel you have a problem. Of course, they say this in a nice and helpful way, but these conversations are warning signs. They indicate that you may be slipping out of control, and they can see it, but you don’t. These are all signs of drug and alcohol abuse.

4. You Tried to Quit and Were Unsuccessful

Maybe you tried a time or two to stop using, but you made the decision to use again. When this happens, it means the drug or alcohol is in the driver’s seat. It might not have been a wholehearted attempt, so you relapsed. You might have thought you didn’t really try hard enough. Or, maybe after a couple of weeks of being drug or alcohol free, you started using again. If this pattern continues, repeated relapses could eventually return to active addiction.

5. Your Behavior is Changing

You may only see the changes in your behavior when you face the truth about your addiction. Instead of justifying and making excuses, accept the signs of drug and alcohol abuse and admit that you’re addicted. If you find yourself becoming easily angered, if you avoid places and people you used to enjoy, if you are missing work or feel that people are starting to make accusations towards you, these are a sign of trouble. If you ignore these signs, you may regret it later.

If you see any of these signs in your life or in the life of someone you love, act now to avoid a very harmful and potentially deadly situation.