Effects of Drug Abuse on Your Body

Monday, September 9th, 2013

The effects of drug abuse can be short-term or long-term on your mind, body, and everyday life. The type of drug has a huge impact on the effects it has on your body. There are four common types of drugs, both illicit and prescription: stimulants, depressants, hallucinogenics, and opioids. Many people believe that only illicit drugs are harmful, but that is simply not true.  All drugs can have harmful side effects. It is said that prescription drugs kill more people than alcohol, and more individuals are addicted to prescription drugs than illicit drugs.

If you or someone you love is putting their body in danger due to an abuse of illicit or prescription drugs, consider seeking immediate treatment. Even those individuals who have abused drugs for years can reverse, or severely limit, the long-term side effects of drug abuse.

Short-Term Effects of Drug Abuse

As soon as you begin taking drugs, you may see your sleeping habits change. Stimulants prevent you from getting a regular night’s sleep, while depressants keep you in a perpetually drowsy state. Stimulants cause you to feel low and depressed when you are on a downer, which usually results in further drug abuse. The effect of opioids or hallucinogenics on your sleeping habits depends on your reaction to the drugs. However, these drugs can also cause paranoia, change in personality, hallucinations, and other problematic short-term side effects of drug abuse.

Memory loss, nausea, constipation, unusual eating habits, lack of coordination, and other side effects are also caused by illicit and prescription drugs. The severity of the drug and the nature of your abuse has an impact on the long- and short-term effects you see. People who take drugs on a recreational basis may not feel the weight of short-term side effects as much as those who abuse drugs on a daily basis.

Long-Term Effects of Drug Abuse

Not only do drugs cause damage to your vital organs, including your heart, when you abuse them on a regular basis they can also lead to drug dependency. As you find yourself using on a regular basis, you find it more difficult to exist without the “help” of the drug you are addicted to. Rather than using the drug just to relax or have fun, you start using just get through the day. Addiction is one of the effects of drug abuse on the body.

It is important to recognize just how dangerous drugs can be. Even those prescription drugs that do not have a stigma attached to them can be very addictive and counter-productive if used incorrectly. People can get addicted to medicines as seemingly harmless as Adderall or sleeping medication. Always follow your doctor’s orders when taking medication, and do not take any prescription medications without a prescription.

The effects of drug abuse can be severe and chronic, but many of them can be treated. The earlier you seek treatment, the more likely it is that the side effects you experience can be reduced. Get help now; don’t wait.