Three Things to Know About Drug Abuse Rehab

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Drug abuse rehab can allow someone with a drug problem to return to a full, productive, and meaningful life. There is no good or bad time to seek treatment; the sooner you start, the more successful you are likely to be. However, even if you or a loved one is caught in the late stages of drug abuse, treatment can still offer hope. In an effort to find drug abuse rehab, today we’ll talk about some information you can look while considering different treatment options. Here are three questions to ask as you make your choice.

Do you rely on proven scientific methods in your treatments?

When it comes to drug and alcohol treatment options, there are a lot out there. To be upfront, there are a lot of good practitioners who offer good treatment methods with success rates that are impressive, but others are charlatans. When you discuss possible treatment options with a representative, ideally a person who is trained in addiction and drug abuse rehab therapy, check that they are trained and experienced with established methods that are supported by science, not their banker. This is the time to ask questions; as many as it takes for you to feel confident in your choice. Look at their success rates, while keeping in mind that every case is different.

Is the drug abuse rehab program tailored to the needs of each patient?

Cookie cutter-styled treatments are typically not effective. In general, treatments can be much the same in approach, but without paying attention to the individual needs of each client, they can be useless. Talk with the health professionals at the treatment center to find out if and how they design individualized treatment programs. Do they offer group and individual therapy? Aftercare? What kind of support is available for inpatients versus outpatients? How do they deal with and try to prevent relapse? Getting the facts will help you determine whether or not this is the best rehab program for your needs.

Does the program adapt as the patient’s needs change?

Drug abuse rehab is a process, not a one step cure-all. Recovery cannot be assured, and the healing process will not look the same for everyone. As a drug abuser progresses through a treatment program, their needs will change. What they needed at the beginning may not be the strategies that work over time. The most successful treatment programs can monitor for these changes and work with them as they occur. Some of the changes that occur are not positive. Regardless, the ideal treatment can follow a client, adapting to bring them back to a course that can lead to success.

Drug abuse rehab programs are not a guarantee for success, but by implementing certain principles into their treatments, the chances of success grow exponentially. The people who seek treatment from these programs are individuals with differing needs, and the more programs seek to address the individual in their programs, the more success they can enjoy, both during the treatment as well as when they return to fully-functioning lives.