Why It’s So Hard to Combat Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Our Communities

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Combating drug and alcohol abuse in our communities can be especially difficult when we do not understand the powerful disease of addiction.   Some people find it difficult to understand how a person could become addicted to drugs and alcohol because they their self have never suffered from an addiction. Understanding addiction opens one’s mind to the realities of the disease, and it also enables communities to come up with effective ways to combat it.

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When a person is having problems with drug or alcohol abuse, this does not mean he or she simply lacks the willpower to change his or her behaviors. Addiction is a disease. Just as some people end up with cancer, some people end up with the disease of addiction. Also like physical diseases, addiction can be treated; however, addiction is very, very different  because even if a person is ready to quit drug and alcohol abuse, many times the disease itself makes it very hard for the person to stop.  Intervention by treatment professionals can make a significant difference in a person’s ability to overcome addiction.

The Disease of Addiction

After a person has become addicted to something and decided to enter into treatment, this does not mean the person is automatically cured of the cause of the drug and alcohol abuse. Instead, many times, a person will relapse even though the relapse brings upon negative consequences. It must be understood that all researchers and experts understand that the first time a person consumes drugs or alcohol it is his or her choice; however, it is not the person’s choice to become addicted to the drug. The disease of drug and alcohol abuse addiction only affects some people, and the people it preys on is not decided upon by race, age, gender, financial status or any other type of personal characteristic. There are many people who when they first consume a drug decide never to consume it again; however, there are some people who find it of the utmost difficulty to ever quit consuming the substance.

Treatment for Addiction

Fortunately, overtime, technological advances have made it somewhat easier for experts to understand the ins-and-outs of drug and alcohol abuse. These advances have made it possible for experts to design effective treatment plans to help substance abusers. For the most part, the most effective type of treatment includes combining treatment medication therapy along with different types of behavioral therapy. Many substance abusers who are ready to get clean do not simply want to substitute their addictions with some type of medication so speak to a counselor before you join a treatment program.

Choosing the Right Treatment Program

Any time a person takes part in substance abuse treatment, it is imperative that he or she enters into a treatment program that is tailored to his or her needs. Some people benefit from taking part in dual diagnosis treatment, which treats the drug and alcohol abuse along with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. Some people only require out-patient rehab services, whereas others require longer stays at residential style facilities. The type of treatment that a person needs is usually based on the severity of his or her addiction and their personal history.